Chapter 7 Auto Loans – How To Get Approved Even After Bankruptcy

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Chapter 7 Auto LoanChapter 7 auto loans are not dead, though that is what many people would have you believe. The fact is that many people who find themselves in chapter 7 bankruptcy have managed to secure car loans, and put themselves on the path to financially recovery. Achieving this however, requires a solid understanding of where to find such loans, as well as what to do before applying for one. This article will give you the needed insight to getting to grips with both. After reading, you’ll definitely be ahead of the game.

The first thing we ought to establish is that chapter 7 auto loans are not as difficult to get as chapter 13 auto loans. Despite this apparent ease however, there are some important things to do before actually applying for the loan…

Things To Do Before Seeking Chapter 7 Auto Loans

As chapter 7 bankrupt, you’ll be judged as a risky lending proposition. This is obvious given that you’ve proven an inability to manage debt, however, don’t let the attention frighten you. It’s completely natural for lenders to assess risk before granting a loan. In order to maximize your chances of being approved, you need to present yourself as a credible borrower. Things like proof of income; a clear illustration of how you’ll be able to manage the new debt and income stability, will go a long way in giving the lender confidence that you are a likely to repay.

Where To Look – Important Considerations

We’ve established that the very act of seeking chapter 7 cars loans, will expose you to higher rates of interest and so on. This means that where you seek a loan is crucial. Banks and other traditional lenders will not readily accommodate you; most dealers will accommodate you, but not for the right reasons (think very, very high dealer interest rates and tough contract clauses).

With those traditional sources out the picture, the next best place to go is online. And online is where the goldmine is really. The majority of online auto loan lenders will specialize in chapter 7 auto loans. This gives you an immediate advantage as it means the rigorous checks won’t apply to you and your chances of being approved are higher. At least 10 times higher.

So there you have it. You now should be confident about seeking an online provider and applying for chapter 7 auto loans. So long as you make the necessary pre-application checks you should have very little trouble getting approved. As a matter of fact, the research into the best providers has already been done for you — by us of course.

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